Superstars Math III Problem Solving Program
Superstars III encourages and enhances the positive aspects of students, parents, teachers and administrators working together. This program assumes that students, even young children, are capable of and interested in learning; that teachers want to help them learn to think for themselves; that administrators see their jobs as clearing the path so that quality education is delivered effectively in their schools; and that parents care about their child's learning and are willing to work with the school system toward that goal. Each of these four groups has a vital role to play in implementing Superstars III.

The designer of this program has a long history of working with elementary children. He believes that they are capable of much more than we ask of them, and that many children are on the path to becoming independent learners. A number of children in any classroom are bright, energetic and willing to accept extra challenges.

The basic purpose of Superstars III is to provide the extra challenge that self-motivated students need in mathematics, and to do so in a structured, long-term program that does not impinge on the normal classroom routine or the time of the teacher. The system is not meant to replace any aspect of the school curriculum -- it is offered as a peripheral opportunity for students who identify with challenges and who want to be rewarded for their extra effort. Participation in the program is always optional -- only those students who voluntarily choose to participate will, in the long run, benefit from Superstars III. Any student, regardless of prior academic performance, should be encouraged to participate as long as interest is maintained.

Download Superstars III below.